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    Road trip Day 5: Louisville, Kentucky- Rest Day

    A quick introduction for those just joining us…

    Sharing our Road Trip, Day by Day

    From the day we arrived here and settling down, I’ve dreamed about sharing the daily logs from our road trip (which I shared only on my private Facebook page), photos and videos, as well as some funny adventure stories and practical tips/lessons for anyone planning to travel long distances in a very full car with very busy babies and/or toddlers. I wrote these daily updates as a way to keep our family in the loop and let them know, every night, that we had arrived at our next destination point safe and sound. Little did I know that we would get such a following of friends and relatives who were interested in following our trip! I am so grateful that God gave me the perseverance to keep them up because they are such treasures to our family now, and an online journal we can always look back on.

    Note: I have put the updates I wrote last year in italics so you easily differentiate what I wrote last year and what I’m adding today.

    I hope you join us for the next 15 days as we relive this forever epic #peitocaliforniaroadtrip! Here are links if you missed them!

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    Day 3 Rochelle Park, NJ to Pittsburgh, PA
    Day 4 Pittsburgh,PA to Louisville, KY

    Day 5: July 9, 2016

    Louisville REST DAY

    Today was a rest day in Louisville and oh was it ever amazing! Without rushing to get a single thing finished, get somewhere, or feeling like we’re running late, we slept in until 8:30 this morning, had breakfast all together, laughed at Dominic and Audrey’s funny antics, and enjoyed a true Saturday. Colleen and I caught up while Brendon napped with the kiddos and Matt painted the baby’s room. Never does time seem to go by faster than when you’re spending it with a true soul sister! I think I speak for all of my family members when I say that we feel so at home here.

    After doing a few pending tasks (trying to repack the van, getting some work done, 2 loads of laundry, dishes, and rethinking the rest of our route), we ended the day with a swim in their pool. Dominic was so brave and sometimes a bit too daring for this poor mama’s heart as he jumped into the pool and used a floaty all by himself for a while! Audrey clung to me but was a good sport in the water given that she was still a bit disorientated from waking up from her nap. She had two solid naps today, both 2 hours + which hasn’t happened in so long. I think she’s catching up on all the sleep she’s been missing while we’ve been traveling. Matt fired up the grill and cooked up burgers with a mix of venison (that he hunted himself) and pork, zucchini from their garden, and Colleen prepared a delicious caprese salad with basil from their garden! What a meal! For a sweet finish, I baked them my favourite chocolate cake for dessert which we enjoyed while it was still warm. It really felt like a summer day out on their back deck enjoying the mild day, a dip in the pool, good food and company, and watching the fireflies come alive upon which Dominic ensued to enthusiastically chased them around the yard.

    Having a rest day here has been such a blessing for us and we are cherishing every moment. Sleep beckons and another wonderful day awaits! Good night, dear ones, from Louisville! #peitocaliforniaroadtrip #day5_louisvillerestday 

    Practical Tips & Funny Stories of the Day

    1. As sojourners while on our trip, we felt so keenly the value and beauty of the simple things in life we often take for granted. Things like a safe, clean, comfortable place to rest, good wholesome foods, friendships that are so solid they last through the years, the love of family, and how delicious and good REST can be. Not only for our weary bodies but also for our hearts and spirits. We found all of that and more at the lovely home of Colleen and Matt. We remember our stop there in Louisville with such fondness and gratitude. And fireflies!